Liberte Karate has developed a program that teaches your child the key forms of traditional Japanese Karate, nurturing core values to be successful in this sport and in daily life.


5-8 Year Olds

The Young Samurai program is designed to introduce students to the fundamental basics of karate whilst helping refine basic motor skills and enhance there coordination with the help of games and various activities.
Focus is an important aspect of these classes and plays an important role in their development.


8-13 Year Olds

This program is designed to develop not just motor skills, but social skills, focus and confidence. Greater social awareness is built through team work and by boosting the student's confidence. Students are now able to take their Karate techniques they have learnt to a whole new level. They now have a greater understanding of self-defence and there fitness levels are challenged.


13 Years +

The Elite Teens program is designed to develop physical and mental skills that students are able to carry with them throughout their lives. Training is based around traditional and sport karate as well as some boxing and various other forms of martial arts which when it all comes together it helps enhance there overall fitness and knowledge of self-defence.