New Website - First Blog

Welcome to our brand new website! We hope you enjoy the refreshing new look of our website as well as some new content and features.

Also added to our website is a brand new and exciting feature, BLOGS! This feature is a great platform for us to further communicate and connect with our students and parents with updates, videos and other karate or sport related topics that can be explored every MONTH!

It has been an amazing and eventful year to say the least. Just to name a few:
-The opening of our second Dojo in Caroline Springs
-Two successful fun festivals
-A fun and educational visit from our good friend Sensei Ray
-The launch of the "Liberte Loyalty Card"
-As well as many wonderful achievements from all of our students

We are not done yet though!! To finish off the year we will be celebrating at 360 TRAMPOLINE PARK on Friday the 16th of December. Looking forward to a great night of presentations, jumping and eating!! Can't wait to see you all there.