Karate Battle League – Term 3

On Sunday the 25th of August 2019, Liberte Karate hosted it's Term 3 Karate Battle League (KBL) Kata themed competition. KBL events are designed to help students develop confidence in performing under pressure and to give them more exposure to performing in front of large audiences whilst in a supportive environment. We had students of all ages and belt levels coming together on event day which was fantastic. It was great seeing students demonstrating their favourite katas and showcasing their hard work from training throughout the term.

The Liberte Coaching team were blown aware from student performances & would like to congratulate all students that participated in the Term 3 event. We understand that getting up and performing under pressure may sometimes be a daunting & nervous experience for students, so we commend all those who competed for their courage and great "can do" attitudes. Students you should all feel proud of yourselves, we certainly do.

On event day it was great to see students hard work from training reflect in both confident and fantastic performances. We encourage all students to keep up the great work and keep striving to reach your goals!

As for our KBL Term 3 Event Reflection the coaching team would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a couple of students from event day: -

We would like to congratulate Patrick Weisheim and Hubert Shih for their bravery and courage on event day. We acknowledge that both students felt a little scared and nervous about performing. Guys it was so great seeing your courage shine through & watch you both come up and participate. Well done to you both.

A big shout out next to student Raven Lando for her determination and ability to overcome fear of competing. It's all about "giving it a go" and indeed that's exactly what Raven did, fantastic work on pushing those nerves aside. Raven it was great seeing you on the mat giving it your best!

The next student we would like to acknowledge is London Bonnici for his amazing technique displayed in his kata performances. London displayed a fantastic ability to stop with stillness & precision at the end of every movement whilst under pressure. London in the words of Sensei James, "It was the best kata I have seen London perform." Congratulations London!

A student that indeed caught our attention with excellent Kata focus and overall confidence in performance was Ava Hutchinson. Ava demonstrated incredibly powerful performances. In the words of Sensei Nick, "What a showcase of Ava's hard work." Well done Ava!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all you wonderful parents for providing your support on event day. Thankyou to volunteer parents & student leaders / mentors that assisted leading up, and on event day. A special thank you to student demonstrations by Camden Camilleri and James Jepson. These students showcased high standard kata for all students to enjoy. Well Done!

The coaching team is excited to continue with the ongoing development of our student leaders & mentors. We are looking forward to the elite group Term 4 Kumite workshop & refereeing training day. It's been great to see our older students increase their public speaking & decision making ability. It's also been very positive connecting our more senior students to our junior club students in building relationships & providing support. As coaches it's great to continue upskilling students on their journey to black belt.

Parents the Term 4 KBL – Kumite themed event will be held on Sunday 17th November at Melton Community Hall, 238 High Street, Melton. We will continue to develop students' kumite skills in class in the lead up to event day, so that they can feel confident in their skills and abilities out on the mat. We want to encourage our students to participate in multiple competitions to develop their confidence and performance under pressure. As they say "practice makes perfect", it's so great to see our students expanding their comfort zones.