Let us introduce Liberte Students Christian & Sora from our Elite Teen Class.

These two Liberte Karate students who are not only best friends inside of class but have also been lucky enough to have stayed together at school for the past seven years! "We've known each other since prep, now we're in year 7… our partnership has grown, we know how to push each other in karate". These two students have been training with Liberte for a number of years, they are both Liberte Student Leaders and are currently training in our Elite Teen Class. This duo is incredibly determined, motivated & disciplined to all aspects of their training. It is this same drive & determination that has enabled them to join our Elite Teens session.

While in class the two boys may be virtually inseparable, their passions for karate are at opposite sides of the spectrum with Christian favouring Kata and Sora much preferring Kumite discipline. Despite this, the pair relishes the opportunity to still train with each other with Sora believing that the friendly competition with Christian is one of the keys to bettering his own training. These students really embrace the philosophy of team work and sportsmanship, they both enjoy helping each other.

Now let's take a look into Christian and Sora transition to the Elite Teen Class…

Initially the two students transition into the Elite Teen Class felt quite daunting. The pair expressed the vibe in the class to be completely different. The feeling that students were 'much bigger and stronger' and were being challenged both physically and mentally. The duo embraced the new challenge with each other, pushing through their comfort zone soaking in the experience. When it came to kumite they realised the need to adapt their fighting and training styles which has resulted in further skill development in karate. They have adjusted well and have been welcomed openly by all students in the group. There initial feelings of a daunting experience have dramatically changed, now experiencing great new friendships in their new class.

As a coach it's fantastic to see students push through their comfort zones to embrace new challenges and experiences. At Liberte we enjoy seeing students grow as people, in terms of maturity levels, confidence and expanding comfort zones. Keep up the great work Christian and Sora!