We are super excited about our upcoming Term 2 Karate Battle League event (K.B.L) which will be held on Sunday the 26th of May. This K.B.L event is all about showcasing students Kumite skills and building confidence through competition performance. Divisions will age & belt level specific. For our younger students, they will have the opportunity to showcase their kumite skills on targets (kumite balls) through demonstration of kumite movements including hopping continuously & demonstration of karate techniques including punches & kicks within a specified time limit against another opponent at the same time.

For our older students they will have the opportunity to engage in a kumite round against another student for a specific time period (wearing full protective kumite equipment). Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their self-defence skills through defensive movements, blocking opponent techniques as well as using karate techniques & combinations to score against their opponent. This kumite themed K.B.L event will provide students with a controlled & fun environment showcasing their kumite skills and increase their confidence through performing under pressure.

On event day, students that have club issued Kumite Protective equipment will need to bring it. Kumite equipment includes padded gloves, foot / shin protectors, mouth guards (groin guards for males). Liberte Karate will be providing those students with protective head gear / helmet to wear for their event. The purpose of wearing the protective helmets is to provide students with facial protection & to give them more confidence in free sparring & focus on their techniques and scoring components against their opponent without fear of being scored upon to the face.

Each kumite round will be controlled by a referee. For the younger students that will be demonstrating techniques on targets, the referee will take in account the level of techniques demonstrated, quality of technique, speed & continuous kumite movement etc. For older students competing in a match against an opponent the referee is crucial in controlling the match & assessing techniques delivered by each competitor. The referee is responsible for delivering warnings & will add up total scores of each opponent in that match. Each round will be ran continuously & at the end of the bout the referee will announce the winner based on the amount of points accumulated in that match.

During the continuous match, referees will be keeping individual tally of each competitor scores which include : - Yuko - one point, awarded for a punch; Waza-ari - two points, awarded for a kick (to the body or back); and Ippon - three points, awarded for a kick to the head or take down. At the end of the allotted time frame, the competitor with the most points is announced the winner.

Each score is up to the discretion of the referee. For example, a technique that doesn't make proper contact will not score. Also a technique that is seen to have excessive contact will not score & a warning will be given. Along with excessive contact, warnings can be given out for a number of other infringements such as stepping out of the arena and avoiding combat. Competitors are allowed three warnings per category before they are disqualified, and the opponent is awarded the win.

On the day, referees will be looking for good quality techniques (this means that punches & kicks must make contact and then fully retract), correct target area for technique demonstrated, speed, timing of attacks and overall good control.

At Liberte Karate sportsmanship among students is really important. Students will be required to bow at the beginning of each round, & at the conclusion bow & shake hands with their opponent. We also encourage students to exchange words of encouragement / acknowledgement to all those competing & a great way to demonstrate sportsmanship. We also ask parents to support their children throughout the day, win or lose the main goal is for students to get out on the matt & perform their best while leaving with a positive experience.

We can't wait to see you guys there! Get ready for a fun day!