In Term 1 - Liberte Karate launched Karate Battle League (K.B.L) & featured it's first Kata themed competition for 2019. This was a truly amazing day consisting of students of all ages and belt levels coming together & showcasing their hard work through Kata performance. This event was a great lead up to our first grading of the year providing students with a platform to build confidence under pressure, develop good sportsmanship skills, whilst competing in a fun environment.

The K.B.L is an all year-round competition league consisting of term themed events. Each term there will be a rotation of Kata / Kumite. A core element of development in our sport is the ability to perform confidently under pressure. We have implemented K.B.L to assist students in their personal skill development and building confidence whilst performing in front audiences. The K.B.L is a friendly & encouraging environment to do that in. As a club we have aimed to connect our more senior advanced students as mentors with our younger junior students in providing them with positive encouragement & support on event day.

We are so proud of all students that participated in Term 1 Kata themed competition. Congratulations on a Fantastic job! Both parents & Sensei's were extremely impressed by not only by the level of skill that was demonstrated on the day, but more so the level of courage and commitment shown by all our students who competed & assisted with the event. As coaches we understand that some of our students were feeling nervous about coming up to perform. The coaching team was so proud of students efforts on the day, you guys were truly incredible!!!

Our aim at Liberte Karate is continuous improvement & development. We want to encourage students to train hard & take on feedback to grow from strength to strength. Tips such as setting goals, doing Karate homework on those individual development areas is where we gain those big improvements. As developing confidence in pressure situations takes plenty of practice & time to develop. That is why we want to encourage students to participate in as many K.B.L competitions as possible (Students are eligible to enter all 4 competitions).

For those students that have never competed in Karate before, you may be feeling nervous or scared about stepping onto the mat. Whether you're a White Belt, Samurai Colour or Kyu Belt putting yourself out of your comfort zone isn't an easy thing to do. We want to encourage our students to participate in multiple competitions to develop their confidence. Feeling a little nervous is completely normal on competition day. As they say practice makes perfect, those feelings will begin to ease the more that we push our personal boundaries.

We hope to see you all at the next upcoming K.B.L event for Term 2. This is Kumite themed and will be held on Sunday 26nd of May @ Melton Community Hall 238 High Street, Melton. In our classes we will continue to develop students Kumite skills in the lead up to the event. We want students to feel confident on the mat with kumite so we will be providing students with protective head gear on event day for students undergoing Kumite rounds.