'What makes you a good leader'? It is a question we will hear at least once in our lives, whether it be at school, at work or applying for a job, or even at sporting clubs we are a part of. Many of these places or clubs also have what is known as a 'leadership group' comprising of senior players or students who are seen to be displaying exemplary leadership qualities. But what is leadership?

Leadership is defined as 'the action of leading an organisation or group of people'. It is a person who helps themselves and others do the right thing by setting direction, building and inspiring confidence and motivation and pushing people to achieve their desired goals.

However, leadership can mean different things to different people depending on the situation it relates to, for example; social, sporting, schooling and political leadership, whilst maybe having the same foundations, will having varying values and elements.

At Liberte Karate, we are lucky to have a great number of our students showing exceptional leadership qualities. Because of this, in 2018 Liberte Karate decided to implement our very own Leadership Program. Our leaders at Liberte Karate have been handpicked by the Sensei's not only based upon their karate abilities but also the great leadership values they demonstrate in their own classes and training. Along with keeping up there own training, you'll see our student leaders coming to specified classes every week to help assist and teach our younger students.

The Liberte Leadership program is a program which not only provides an extra bit of guidance and support to the younger students but also helps develops the great values and attitudes already displayed by our chosen leaders. Here, Liberte instructors pass on their knowledge of karate and teaching to the students who in turn are able to pass it on to the other students they mentor. This program also enhances the student's ability to give instruction and direction to others, both individually or as a group, while simultaneously developing their team working skills and confidence in public speaking.

Liberte Karate student Jessica Jepson is one of our many Liberte Leaders. Her passion and commitment towards karate is evident in her hard work and ability to continually push herself in her training. Jessica also demonstrates outstanding team leading abilities and her encouraging and supportive nature are some of the qualities that makes her a fantastic leader and great role model for all students. This is what Jessica had to say about being a leader...

Student First Name: Jessica
Student Nickname: Jess
What is your current belt level: Brown with Black Stripe
How long have you been training Karate for: 6 years
What was your reason for starting Karate: to build confidence and for self defence
What do you enjoy most about Karate: learning new techniques and being with my friends
What is your favourite Karate technique: round house kick
What is your favourite Kata: Heian Yondan
What is your next goal is Karate: to reach my Blackbelt
How long have you been a Liberte Leader for: 1 ½ years
Which class do you attend for Liberte Leader Program: Friday 6.40pm
What are the things you enjoy about being a Liberte Leader: being able to pass on what I was taught to the students in the class
What have you learnt about being a Liberte Leader: being able to pick up on mistakes and then explain and show correct way