On the 20th of January, the Liberte Karate team was once again offered the opportunity to participate in a two-day kumite training camp with former world champion Matsuhisa Sensei, aka 'Monster'. The intensive workshop, hosted by Liberte Karate's friends Sensei Ray and Sensei Tsuneari, focussed on developing smart fighting techniques and finding ways to implement these techniques into our own fighting. Each day the camp consisted of two two-hour sessions, separated by a two-hour lunch break where each participate, both accomplished and aspiring individuals alike, had the chance to interact and socialise with each other.

During the camp, Matsuhisa Sensei encouraged us to continuously train the same techniques for prolonged periods of time, while gradually adding to the overall combination. Through the constant drilling of a technique, we gradually became able to perform consistently and with more confidence in the techniques and our abilities. Whilst each session was incredibly challenging, the workshop gave us the opportunity to train with a number of different individuals, each with their own talents and unique fighting styles. This allowed us to discover new range of techniques and gave us the opportunity to learn various ways of approaching a kumite round.

This year, the Liberte Karate group consisted of more than just the coaching team, with Christian Mavrelis becoming the first student to represent Liberte Karate during the camp. Although challenged during the workshop, Christian was able to develop his kumite skills by working with other karate students from all over Australia. Here is some of what Christian had to say about his experience at the Sydney camp.

Did you enjoy the workshop?

'I really enjoyed the B-Inspired workshop in Sydney, learning and working alongside champions and people from around Australia'.

What kind of things did you train/learn?

'We improved our reflexes, learnt new punches and kicks and we were taught new attack combinations'.

Did it challenge you?

'It challenged me to the point that I felt like I was going to drown in my own sweat'.

Was it fun?

'The workshop was fun and enjoyable because I got to meet new people from different places and I learnt how some of them train'.

What was your favourite part?

'My favourite part was on the second day when we were shown new kicking combinations'.

What was the most difficult part?

'The most difficult part was when we were doing the warm-up. I was hurting in places I didn't even know were there'.

Would recommend/ do it again?

'I would recommend it for people all ages. I would definitely do it again.'