Tsuneari Yahiro - Kumite Workshop

Sensei Tsuneari Yahiro is an elite karate athlete and has been the best Australian male fighter for the past 10 years. Currently training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Sensei Tsuneari has been great friends with Sensei James for years with the pair both travelling and climbing up the national and world ranks with success. Sensei Tsuneari currently competes in the -75kg Male Kumite division. Some of his greatest achievements include ranking in the top 7 in the world at 2 separate Karate World Championship.

Sensei Tsuneari's karate career has spanned over 20 years, with his training regularly taking him overseas to his parents' home country of Japan where he'd train tirelessly with other accomplished individuals. Sensei currently trains with not only world champions buts some of the most proficient and elite athletes in the history of karate.

An integral member of the B-Inspired team, helping to organise and run the two-day kumite workshop with former champion Matsuhisa Sensei, Sensei Tsuneari loves to share his knowledge and skills with dedicated students with a passion and desire to better their karate.

On the 18th of March, Liberte Karate students will be given the amazing opportunity to train in a Kumite workshop run by Sensei Tsuneari. The workshops will be available to students of all ages and belt levels, with Sensei Tsuneari tailoring each session to fit all skill levels from basics to advanced. This opportunity will give students an insight on the skills that have been acquired over 20 years of training and the methods of training that have allowed Sensei Tsuneari to stay at the top of the Kumite competition for the last 10 years. We highly recommend this to all of our students, please feel free to contact your relative instructor for anymore information.

Liberte Team.