Sensei Michael

"I started karate at the age of 14. At that time my brother had a gymnasium and the karate school used to hire the room, so one day my brother took me in and I had my first lesson. That was back in 1984. I loved it straight away and it replaced the athletics and rugby league that I was doing up to that time. I was hooked and trained almost every day.

My routine was as soon as I got home from school I would head down the back yard. I would stretch for 40 minutes and then kick and punch the bag that hung from a big gum tree. I watched every Bruce Lee movie multiple times, and read every magazine or program I could find. I would also go the the library and loan books on the Martial arts. This was all before the internet and YouTube of course. As a very self motivated person I never needed any encouragement to train or study the Martial arts. I have continuously trained in karate for 33 years.

It became a fulltime profession in 1995 and together with my wife we have run a fulltime center for 22 years. Competition was a big focus for me as it helped me set goals and assess my performance throughout the training year, but looking back now I believe the time spent training and experiencing karate was the most valuable thing in helping me develop my skills."

We can't wait to have Sensei Michael down at Liberte Karate, keep an eye out!!