Let us take this opportunity to introduce Liberte student Jasmine. We are excited to hear about her Karate journey and the benefits of goal setting.

Jasmine is a very dedicated student that has tremendous work ethic when it comes to her training. Her karate journey started at Liberte a number of years ago at a Bring A Friend Event. Jasmine currently trains in our Elite Teens Group. Jasmine describes everyone in that group as supportive and when you "fall down everyone will encourage you to get back up" That's what we love to hear TEAM WORK! Jasmine has recognised the importance of goal setting and continues to put plans into place to achieve those goals. At Liberte there is a grading result known as a "Double" in which a student achieves two belt levels ahead. This is just one example of a goal that Jasmine had set and achieved. Jasmine is one of our students that performed at an exceptional level at the Term 2 Grading & double graded achieving the level of Full Kyu Red Belt. A fantastic effort by Jasmine! Well done.

We then asked Jasmine about her current challenges at karate…. This is what Jasmine had to say…

Kumite is a challenge however she enjoys the encouragement and mentorship she receives from the older and more advanced students in her class. Jasmine recognises the important self defence aspect associated with Kumite and believes that's important and is striving to continuing improving those skills. Jasmine is currently enjoying the supportive nature of her team mates.

Lets find out more about level progression through the Full Coloured KYU Belt System…

Jasmine acknowledges the increased level of difficulty through higher level belt progression. She thinks about kata a little more differently to the earlier belts. The techniques are more challenging, kata timing is imperative as techniques need to be faster and stronger in execution. "I'm now thinking more about the techniques and attacks" in the kata performance. Jasmine is really enjoying her new found independence within the teen group as well.

Goal setting and self reflection is really important. It's great for students like Jasmine setting new goals & focuses in their training. For Jasmine, her next goal is to continue developing her kumite skills. Good luck Jasmine and enjoy the journey!